A taste of Camel Ride in Dubai and Reserve Bedouin Camps

A taste of Camel Ride in Dubai

A taste of Camel Ride in Dubai and Reserve Bedouin Camps

We have already told you about Dubai and its wildest face, between mountains and paths for outdoor enthusiasts. But the Emirate is an eco-friendly destination that holds surprises for nature lovers and tourists on the open air.

In addition to Hatta , the mountain enclave a few steps from the center of the city, where it is possible to spend an exceptional stay in the name of Glamping with a complete immersion in nature, there is indeed another destination where lovers of ‘open-air can live an extraordinary experience: The Natural Reserve of Al Marmoom.

A taste of Camel Ride in Dubai

A taste of Camel Ride in Dubai

Desert Safari Dubai – A Visit to the Al Marmoom Nature Reserve

The Al Marmoom Nature Reserve is a tourism project focused on protecting the desert environment, as well as the first non-enclosed environmental reserve in the desert of the United Arab Emirates.

Here live over one hundred species of native animals, including the Arabian Oryx, the Arabian gazelle, and the sand one, foxes and wild cats, which can be sighted by visitors thanks to some individual observation posts.

But at Marmoor, it is not only a perfect destination for animal lovers. Here you can experience some extraordinary experiences to learn about the desert and get excited about its immensity.

Activities that can be marveled upon in this Dubai Reserve is, for example, spending a night watching the stars with the experts of the Dubai Astronomy Group.

In reserve, it is then possible to learn about the traditions of the Arab Emirates, like the camel race. It is a traditional sport, and at the Dubai Camel Racing Club at the Al Marmoor Camel Racetrack, you can experience an authentic classic experience, as the center attracts camel owners from all of the UAE.

Enjoy Bedouin Camp

Another enjoyable experience to experience in Al Marmoor is the Marmoom Bedouin Experience, a Bedouin camp that recreates the authentic atmosphere of life in the desert. Guests here learn to saddle, ride, and care for their camel by joining the Bedouins on their way through the desert by attending falconry shows and participating in traditional meals.

To add in this adventure, camel riding in the Dubai desert is also a part of your tour where you can ride these strong beasts into the sunset.

Visitors can reach the center in the morning, to observe the sunrise, or during the afternoon to enjoy the sunset in the desert. But a truly unique experience is sleeping in the desert in a Bedouin tented camp.

Sleep in the Desert in a Luxury Tented Camp after Riding a Camel in Dubai

Sleeping in a tented camp is an experience that allows you to take a dip into the past and experience Dubai 50 years ago. In this case, the guests, after having carried out a desert tour aboard a 1950 Land Rover to spot the fauna of the Dubai desert, can enjoy the thrill of the sunset and then retreat to the tented camp.

Come back to the Bedouin-styled camp after riding a camel in Dubai, where luxurious arrangements are made for your comfort.

Enjoying the Al Marmoom Bedouin Experience lit by the gentle flames of traditional lamps and set within a private hideaway in the high desert, this Dubai Bedouin luxury camp entertains its guests with activities such as henna, music, dance and the preparation of Arabic coffee. Then, having served them a delicious dinner under the stars, tourists can relax beside a bonfire to enjoy the wonder of the desert night sky.

The magic of the desert night is indescribable, and the tourists’ rooms are located inside a traditional Arab stone dwelling. A unique experience to do at least once in a lifetime to experience the desert and bring the memory with it forever.