Best Things to do in Dubai on Your First-Ever Visit to the City of Gold

Things to do in Dubai

Best Things to do in Dubai on Your First-Ever Visit to the City of Gold

Dubai is a metropolis that will surprise you on every other turn you make. Its shimmering skyline and beautiful attractions lure tourists to this part of the world.

It’s no wonder that Dubai is one of the most visited cities in the world. It is home to record-breaking architectures and amongst them stand some Wonders of the world.

If this is your first time visiting this city, there are a lot of things that you will come across, many misconceptions that you had are going to be cleared. It is going to be a ravishing journey for you.

Things to Do in Dubai

Dubai offers luxurious restaurants, skyscrapers and themed parks that turn your fantasy into reality. It is known as the city of gold for a reason. Apart from the modern-day technologies, there is a part of Dubai that lets you inside the history of the city.

Several cultural preservations and heritage tours that turn is a treat for the people who love to learn about the traditions of the places they visit.

Let’s get into a world full of glamour and beauty;

Dubai Museum

A place that takes you on a trip to memory lane, where all you can see is the traditional roots deeply embedded in the history of Dubai. Dubai Museum resides in Al-Fahidi fort which holds some of the oldest artifacts that will give you a glimpse into the lives of Arabs that used to live in the deserted land.

You will get an insight on how the people used to survive here, living in the ancient era when the grandest occupation was fishing.

Take a tour and see for yourself the revolutionary period Dubai went through.

Helicopter Tour

This is the perfect tour for you, if you want to surprise a friend or a romantic partner in the most prestigious way possible. Take them high in the air to see the exotic aerial view and witness the spectacular pattern of the city.

A trip where you and your loved one is soaring above the high buildings of Dubai, is a dream that many tourists travel to Dubai for. Its breathtaking and equally entertaining. Not to mention, absolutely worth it!

Sit back and enjoy the hypnotic view on your tour above this city of wonders.

Book Helicopter Tour Dubai

Climb to the Top

Something that can’t be taken away from Dubai is its high-risk and magnificent real estate projects. It is due to this fact, that Burj Khalifa, largest building in the world; standing at 828 meters is located in this city.

To top it all, you can climb to the highest floor and experience the thrill by yourself. It doesn’t matter if you are visiting with your friends of family because there are a number of things that are going to add spice to your trip such as; the falcon’s view. From where you can view the whole city.

A glass-floor that appears to be cracked is an immersive experience worth posting on Instagram.

Book Burj Khalifa tour Dubai

Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall is a paradise for shopaholics, with more than 12,00 shops and a whooping 150 restaurants. On top of that, it is located right next to Burj Khalifa.

Its enormous size can be judged by the fact it covers approximately 200 football pitches. Imagine a mall so big with over 70 top-of-the-line signature outlets. It is definitely a place; you should add in your things to do. There is a separate Fashion Avenue where brands like Versace and Burberry await your arrival. In the Gold Souk, you can find the finest gold there is.

Dubai Mall not only packs outlets but it is an entertainment hub with places like Aquarium and Underwater zoo along with many other places.
So, book this tour and get lost in the limitless world of luxury.

Cool-off in the Water

Spend a day in one of the best water parks in Dubai and blow off some steam. Aquaventure water park offers you an escape route from the scorching heat of Dubai.

Dubai might be the hottest destination in the world and it is certainly the warmest as well. Getting an opportunity to have fun in fresh water during the day is nothing short of a miracle for the people who can’t stand summer heat. Choose from 30 waterslides and fascinating 65,000 marine animals.

It also includes a safe playing area for the children where the water depth is kept on safe levels. It is everything you could wish for in a day away from the summer heat.

Book Aquaventure Water Park Dubai

Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina

Cruise in style or cruise to the old side of Dubai.

Dhow used to be the means of transport for Arabs but with advancement in technology, their role started diminishing. To put them to better use, they started turning into a source of entertainment for the tourists with a blend of tradition and culture.

If you are fond of the glamourous skyline of Dubai and want to indulge yourself in the brilliant view, book with Dhow Cruise Marina. As you cruise into the beauty of this city, you are entertained with belly dance performance and served with refreshing drinks.

Feel like spending a splendid evening? Book a dhow cruise right away.

Book Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina Dubai

Visit Your Childhood Heroes

IMG world of adventures is home to our childhood heroes. As you enter this marvelous place, feel nostalgia hit you right.

This magnificent theme park offers attractions and fun rides for families. IMG World of Adventures is divided into four zones. Each of these zones feature different adrenaline pumping rides associated with them. Visit all the four zones (Marvel, IMG Boulevard, Lost Valley and Cartoon Network) and bring out the kid in you.

Book IMG World of Adventures Dubai

It is your time to relive the good old days and let the memories come flooding back. Dubai is a fun place to spend your vacations. You won’t find such entertainment and places anywhere else in the world.


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