Camel Riding in Dubai

Camel Riding in Dubai

A Bedouin tradition that has now become one of the most enjoyed activities by the tourists.

Camel riding has been a part of the Arabic tradition for a long time. It was used as a means of transport by the Bedouin because of its exceptional ability to travel long distances without sustenance.

Since then, it has been used for several other purposes as well, such as riding, racing, transporting luggage from one place to the other, and much more.

Dromedary – The Ships of the Desert

Not all the species of camels are fit to be ridden. One species of a camel that is no longer seen apart from domestic purposes is dromedary.

It is trained after a period of three years because, unfortunately, these camels are not used to obeying the commands. Therefore, they can’t be taught to let a human ride them. Their humps are the reason why they can walk long miles while their feet make it easier for them to walk on the seamless stretch of the desert.

Dubai camel ride is an activity that has embedded its roots in the history of UAE, and this is the reason that Arabs have now decided to give a taste of it to the lucky visitors.

Belonging to the Camelid family, the dromedary has a single hump and a less robust body than the Asian cousin.

Unlike others of its kind, it has no horns while the oblique nasal orifices, the split upper lip for eating thorny plants, and lengthy, thin legs with hooves are maintained.

The reason why it is used for camel riding in Dubai is the body of this animal. It is the key to adaptation to a hostile habitat like the desert. His knees and ankles have calluses to resist the burning of hot sand. The long lashes prevent the eyes from filling up with sand, and the belly is raised, so as not to come into contact with the sand, standing up.

camel riding in dubai

camel riding in dubai

Moreover, every time the plant of its legs comes into contact with the sand, it widens to avoid sinking. The suit takes place with the arrival of spring. The dromedary sweats only at temperatures above 40 degrees and has a tough skin to withstand prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Another of the most extraordinary features of the dromedary is its unique hump: it can store fat to feed on when food is scarce. This reserve can dissolve in water and therefore helps this mammal prevent dehydration.

In a short time, a dromedary can drink up to 150 liters of water and then spend weeks without needing liquids. These characteristics have been fundamental over the centuries to ensure the survival of the many nomad tribes of the Arabian desert.

Sunset Camel Ride in Dubai

Watching the sun setting below the horizon as the last patch of sand is deprived of the light, is a sight for sore eyes.

Imagine watching this picturesque view of the sun while you are riding the majestic beast across the dunes of the Arabian desert. Sunset camel ride in Dubai will give you several opportunities to take mesmerizing pictures as the dunes appear to be golden.

Children mostly enjoy this experience of looking at the land of desert perched at the back of a camel. So, if you are going on a desert safari with your kids, make sure you let them enjoy this lifetime experience of riding a camel.

Tips to Ride a Camel

  • Keep calm
  • Don’t Scream while you are at the top of the camel
  • Hold the harness with a firm hand, but without pulling it too hard
  • Let the camel move in a circle
  • Don’t lean too much in the forward motion or the backward motion

If all of this has got your geared up for the tour in the desert, here’s how you can book your camel ride tour.