Desert Safari and Camel Riding in Dubai

Desert Safari and Camel Riding in Dubai

Desert Safari and Camel Riding in Dubai

Desert Safari is undoubtedly the most popular activity in Dubai, given that every day, dozens of agencies carry out excursions in the desert of various types and at different times.

The desert safari  Dubai will continue to offer so many emotions because it will be the hour of sunset and, once you arrive by jeep on the highest dune in the area, you can admire the sun changing color, touching all the shades of orange and you can enjoy this moment of peace and inner ecstasy while sitting on the sand or immortalizing the landscape around you with your lens.

Bedouin Camp Along with Best Camel Ride Dubai

Another critical stage and, at the same time, fun, takes place in the evening. After sunset, in fact, we will go to a Bedouin camp (although they are often rebuilt for the pure use and consumption of tourists, but surely it is an experience to do as well), where dinner with typical dishes will be served Arabs, . So you can learn about the culinary traditions of the place. Also you can Desert Safari with Bab AL Shams Dinner

To serve yourself at the buffet, you will be divided into two groups, the women on one side and the men on the other, and you will be able to be reunited in your place once the dishes are prepared.

Desert Safari and Camel Riding in Dubai

Desert Safari and Camel Riding in Dubai

Culinary Items

Here you can enjoy the famous Arabic bread, but also other delicacies such as grilled chicken, rice with various types of meat, herbs, vegetables and dried fruit, chickpea cream seasoned with oil and sesame seeds (hummus), lamb skewers and spices, the fried chickpea patties with vegetables and, of course, various spices (falafel) and finally the dates of Bateel and Arabic coffee.

Between one portion and the other, you can watch performances of belly dancing and Tanura dance (a dance that takes its name from the homonymous skirt worn by the dancers themselves).

The multiple overlapping colored layers will create a mix of lights and color effects, a symbol of the liveliness and joy of the inhabitants.

For those who love tattoos, there is the possibility of getting a traditional one with henna.

That’s right!

In the camp, you will also find lots of girls ready for anyone who wants a temporary tattoo made with henna paste that will last only a few days.

Desert Safari for Couples

In addition to a tour in the desert, if you chose to live the desert as a couple, you can organize an amazing candlelight dinner in a camp, and maybe you can finally relax, smoking the typical shisha, commonly known as hookah. Book Overnight Desert Safari Tour.

Among other things, the night hike is privileged compared to the one made during daylight hours thanks to the more comfortable temperatures, where the heat is more bearable.

At the end of the evening, as the sun goes down, you will return to the glow of Dubai, a sign that the return to the hotel is near. Whether you’re visiting the Dubai desert as couples or with friends, you are bound to enjoy these little things.