Desert Safari Dubai Tour A Mystical Planning

Desert Safari Dubai Tour A Mystical Planning

Desert Safari Dubai

Desert safari Dubai tour is a must when it comes to traveling to this part of the country.

Desert safari Dubai tour is filled with many adventures that are exciting as well as exhilarating. If you’re planning to go on a desert safari Dubai tour, then you’re in for a treat. Because it will show you the traditional side of the city that you might have never seen before.

To help you out with the list of things to do in desert safari Dubai, we are going to be discussing some of the things that you will come across or experience while on your tour.

Desert Safari Dubai, The Perfect Arabian Adventure

1. Dune Bashing

Go on a thrilling ride of dune bashing on a 4X4 Toyota Land Cruiser.

It is going to be an adventurous ride through the sandy hills of the desert. A professional safari licensed driver is going to be accompanying you on this journey where he will take you through the realms of a desert in high-speed.

Don’t worry,

As the cars that used for this adventurous tour equipped with the high level of comfort and safety. To assure you further about the safety of the vehicles, these cars are approved by the government of Dubai for the session of dune bashing.

Dune bashing is an experience that will forever be a part of your memories in desert safari Dubai tour.

Get ready to hit the sandy hills in 4X4 SUV Toyota Land Cruiser, where the driver takes sudden turns in high-speed.

If you’re worried about the safety of the car, let us clear that these drivers are highly-trained and qualified to pull off the task of dune bashing. These safari licensed professionals are highly experienced, which makes this journey completely safe to enjoy.

Secondly, the cars that used for desert safari are equipped with safety features and are approved by the government before they can enter into the desert boundaries.

2. Evening Sight

If there’s one thing that you can’t miss, that is the evening sight of sun setting below the horizon leaving the last bits of sand with the ending rays of sunlight during desert safari Dubai tour.

This breathtaking view is a sight for sore eyes. If you’re lucky, you will have the chance to take some amazing pictures in front of this marvelous background of sun going down.

3. Sand-boarding

Who needs snow when you’ve got excessive amounts of sand?

Sandboarding is an activity that only happens in the Arabian deserts. Glide down in high-speed as you free fall on a sandboard.

Take amazing pictures while you’re in action of sandboarding in style.

Desert Safari Dubaiis a complete action-filled tour that lets you uncover the Arabian Desert in style and thrill. Experiences like these are worth going on, they will add to your travel diaries and will be cherished forever in your memories.

Desert safari Dubai Activities.

If you’re one of those people who would love to see a completely different side of Dubai, Morning Desert safari Dubai is your answer.

One of the biggest attractions when it comes to visiting Dubai is a desert safari Dubai. It has been luring visitors to Dubai from all across the globe. This adventurous tour through the realms of dessert is definitely worth the try.

There are a lot of fun activities that you can do in the desert while on your tour as well as learn more about the Arabic culture, for instance, the Bedouin culture.

The journey of the desert is filled with a lot of mysteries that will only be unveiled if you happen to travel to this part of Dubai.

Desert safari Dubai. A camp view

1. Magical Sunrise

Watching the sunrise is a beautiful sight to see no matter where you are in the world.


Imagine the beauty that this view will hold with the silence of the desert. Travel the desert safari early in the morning before the sun rises above the horizon and wait while the early rays of sun start hitting the boundaries of this sandy land.

You are bound to fall in love with this fantastic view that keeps getting better and better.

2. Camp Site Entertainment

The camp site in the desert is another story that is enjoyed by everyone who travels to the desert.

As you come back from the thrilling adventures in the desert, you will witness the hospitality of the Arabs as they welcome you with refreshing drinks in the campsite. Along with their serving of traditional tea that is known as ‘kawah’, you can also have the meal of fresh fruits and dates and BBQ dinner during desert safari Dubai.

Apart from this,

There are different sessions of henna painting that are going on in the campsite for the ladies of the family.

3. Camel Ride

There are camel owners that are present outside the campsite where the owner takes you to traverse the long miles of desert on the back of a camel. It is a great ride that is still considered as a royal gesture that the tourists are treated with.

Morning Desert Safari with Camel rideshows you the side of Dubai that is meant to give you an insight of all the amazing things that you can enjoy other than the marvelous Dubai skyline or the luxurious lifestyle of Dubai. A noble camel ride is your key to experiencing the Arabian traditional way of transport.

There’s a famous saying that goes something like,

When in Arab, do as the Arabs do.

This is truly the pearls of wisdom if you’re looking to feel the heart and soul of the city on yourevening safari with a camel ride.

You will find camel owners outside the campsites. Go on a camel ride and discover the different side of the desert along with witnessing the astonishing wildlife of Dubai. Camel ride is a bumpy journey that is a fun activity to do in the far-stretched lands of the desert during desert safari Dubai.

Even if you’re a beginner, you don’t have to worry about not being able to ride the camel because the camel tour guides are there to help you with it.

So, experience Dubai like never before.

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