Dubai Biggest shopping festival 2019-20

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Dubai Biggest shopping festival 2019-20

The most important shopping festival has begun in Dubai. Yes, you’ve guessed it. The entire disposition of Dubai changes with the beginning of the global village, along with the happy vibe that adds to the elegance of town. This winter charm comes to existence in October and finishes in April.


For vacationers, winter in Dubai is connected with festivals, and Global Village is among the most important ones on the market.


This season, global village season 24 includes 26 pavilions, which can take you to 26 different worlds. The UAE’s pavilion is intended to reflect the traditional Emirati culture and its own distinctive architecture. A variety of incense burners fills the entire area with odor, which defines the identity of Emirati customs. Assess different perfumes, handicrafts, and oils found in the nation.


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Obviously, Global Village is a melting pot of diverse cultures. You can drift through the pavilions, which have a priceless group of the traditional handicrafts from over 78 countries around the world.


Global Village is a platform for many events with state-of-the-art lighting and audio methods. The road performances such as Bollywood Flash Mob and Dual Dutch skippers are going to be a treat to your senses. The distinctive theater shows for children have animation characters coming on the point and entertaining quizzes to check their motive.


The fans of the circus can respect the acrobatic abilities of the Russian noodle or laugh out loud in the Columbian Clowns. This season, global celebrities will rock the stage with live concerts. Examine the event calendar and do not miss your favorite shows.


Carnaval is your newest family park situated in Global Village. Its many rides and attractions that everybody in the family will love. Thirty-one thrilling rides, 25 skill matches, and over 100 arcade games are sure to create your day. Shanghai High is among the most magnificent rides in the area, which will offer breathtaking views of the town in the height of 85 meters.


Ripley’s Believe It or Not is among the most celebrated museums on earth. It’s the trendiest collection of items that may look beyond the cause for individual beings. It’s the museum of oddities that can, occasionally, drive you mad and make you shrug with disbelief.


It includes the Museum-attraction, Mirror Maze, Ripley’s Shop, and Ripley’s Chocolate Factory. The museum-attraction consists of six galleries that take you to micro-miniature sculptures undetectable to the naked as well as the bigger than life sculptures. Attempt to obtain the exit at Mirror Maze, at which you’ll be confused amid many mirrors. Ripley’s Shop has some strange things to take home, so you might also surprise your nearest and dearest. The vivid candies are sure to make your mouth water.


Over 120 meals kiosks make sure you will have the ideal road food encounter at Global Village. You might even pick the premium dining adventures at restaurants and cafes. Food trolleys offer you traditional Emirati dishes, ice creams, and different sorts of candy throughout the Global Village.


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The floating market is still another intriguing concept wherein it is possible to dine in the ships. From the boats, it is possible to locate a mix of the East-Asian civilizations, the different cuisines, customizable handicrafts, souvenirs, and beauty goods of Thailand, Myanmar, and the Philippines from the floating markets.


Entry charge at global village Dubai

While the entrance fee to a number of the attractions in Dubai might appear to be pricey for you, the ticket cost of Global Village is quite reasonably priced. You’re able to enter the online shopping globe at only AED 15. Frequently, you could even enjoy live entertainment shows with no additional expenses. So, nothing could prevent you from getting great amusement at Global Village.


What’s Global Village Wonder Pass?

Global Village has introduced the miracle pass at the 2019-20 season to offer an extra advantage for those visitors. The card is rechargeable, and you can enter the cited attractions at added ticket rates.


The expense of this card is AED 100 that includes 105 points (five complimentary things ). Each point is equivalent to Dh 1, and that may be utilized to input the attractions based on the entry fee. You may recharge the card in the ticket counters. Magic moves are available at the ticket counters or around the Global Village site.


Following would be the entry fee arrangement of different attractions:


The majority of the tourists plan their trip to Dubai in the winter. Global Village is a festival that’s admired by the residents in addition to tourists. A number visit Dubai in the warmer months mostly to see Global Village, and many others keep returning to the city each year to watch the expansive shopping festival. Whether you’re the very first time or a regular guest, Global Village Dubai 24th season has heaps of items to provide you with the very best shopping and entertainment experience.


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