Dubai Travel Guide


You’ll find an astounding city filled with hustle juxtaposed with a calm retreat away from the crowds close to the shore.

Though Dubai, at first glance, seems like a city based on glitz and glam, reminiscent of Las Vegas, if you scratch beneath the surface, you’ll find a good deal more than simply skyscrapers and purchasing. I have established the traveling guide to Dubai that will allow you to navigate this huge city and have the best experience possible.

With a lot to see and do, I made certain to highlight the best of Dubai. There is just no place in the world where you are able to traverse the desert, ski inside, and see a few of the very original architecture.

You will find a lot of “world’s tallest, best, most, etc…” here, you could eliminate track!

This guide will make certain you see the best this flashy city has to offer you.


  1. Where’s Dubai? Money is at Dirhams (Dhs), but many places accept credit cards.
  2. Is Dubai secure? Yes! Dubai is very safe for vacationers. In reality, this is among the safest places to travel to the Middle East.
  3. For a lady, do I Want to cover up in Dubai? No. You won’t have to cover up, and you will see that though many girls are, it is not vital. You’re free to wear anything you would like, but I really do recommend dressing a little more conservative because this can be a Muslim nation. The weather can be very hot, at summertime temperatures reach over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. I suggest packaging layers, as the nights can get cold.
  4. Best time to go to Dubai? I suggest that the wintertime get a gentler climate with no harsh sunlight. I moved in February and believed it was fantastic. Many areas close during the warmth of summertime. By way of instance, International Village is open from November through March.
  5. Important to understand: Dubai is 80 percent + ex-pats. I have never expected to see numerous individuals from all over the world, with so many languages spoken. The natives, in addition to lots of ex-pats and tourists, come in Muslim areas of the world, and that means you will see girls covered up. If you are not from someplace with these customs, it may take a little getting used to. I have traveled to other Muslim states (Morocco), but it seems different in this area, so you see more girls with their faces covered rather than their hair. Hotels would be the sole place tourists can purchase alcoholic beverages. Consequently, if you want to buy alcohol aside from in a hotel bar or restaurant, then do this in the airport prior to going to your resort.
  6. You’re getting around Dubai. I suggest renting a vehicle. The city is very large, with a lot of items to do and see. You may want to push the manmade palm tree islands the 7-star resort up near or push into the desert. Possessing a vehicle provides you flexibility. You will find cabs, Uber, and also a public transport system; however, I discovered a vehicle best. You’ll almost certainly move up and down Sheikh Zayed Road, the longest street in the Emirates. It stretches from Al-Silah from Abu Dhabi all the way to Ras al-Khaimah from the North. It is important to be aware that driving is somewhat odd. In that, nearly everything is situated right off the freeway, but getting into a destination frequently requires plenty of twists. Only a note, do not get frustrated when you need to turn eight occasions to get someplace only a couple of blocks away!. It is crazy to see how far this city has increased. Today, 130,000 cards utilize Sheikh Zayed road daily.
  7. Who’s Sheikh Zayed? You will make certain to hear this title frequently. He had been the ruler of Abu Dhabi for almost 30 decades and has been the founding father for the creation of the UAE. He helped push the area’s economy and generate a booming area.



If you are visiting Dubai, you need a resort that matches with the ultra-modern texture and lavish surroundings. There’s no better resort than Shangri-La Dubai.

This magnificent hotel Is the Best place, right by the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Mall at the bustling Financial Center. Like I said, driving is not always simple. That means you are going to need a place that’s centrally situated for sightseeing. There is also free onsite concierge. Therefore it’s easy to pop in and outside. The team is extremely kind and helpful, and the lovely resort caps off a fantastic stay in Dubai.

Allow me to put it this way: whenever you visit Las Vegas, you remain in the Bellagio. When you visit Dubai, you remain at Shangri-La. However, I felt at peace within our beautiful area, complete with a gorgeous view of the Burj Khalifa. Each area is well equipped for travelers from all over the world. You’ll find outlets that function for both Western and US plugs. There is a gargantuan bathroom using a Jacuzzi bathtub, in addition to a bathtub. The area has a completely stocked mini-bar and refreshing fruit artfully organized. You will also find new flowers right in your own room.

Upon entering, you’ll find pristine marble flooring, elegant flower screens, and also a thoughtful check desk with open publications from states all over the wall. The team exceptionally types and guarantees that you have the best stay possible. You’ll find golden accents in addition to deep blue seats in the lobby and breakfast locations.

Researching the resort is essential. The views of the Burj Khalifa, along with another skyscraper across Sheikh Zayed Road, are incredible. Obviously, it is possible to see more views of the Burj Khalifa. However, I enjoyed lounging around the pink chairs and sofas with palm trees towering over for color.

Breakfast is obviously vital to me in a resort. Here you will find a decadent spread of breakfast meals from all over the world. I especially liked the regional dishes, like”Foul Medames,” which is a foundation of legumes, and you may add berries, spices, onions, and olive oil. Tea is served at the lobby couch daily, complete with tasty pastries. At the day, live music is performed, or you’ll be able to delight in the swanky pub for a beverage.

Among the best adventures about coming to Dubai is attempting the world-renown meals from all over the world. Shang Palace at Shangri-La is completely heavenly. This standard Chinese restaurant serves a huge array of dishes that can suit any palate. I also suggest trying the”cocktails,” created with conventional alcohol and tea for something yummy and refreshing. The duck is a characteristic of this menu, and it was absolutely heavenly. I suggest coming to the restaurant even when you are not staying at the Shangri-La; it was tasty.

Hoi-An is just another restaurant at the resort serving authentic Vietnamese cuisine — among the earliest in Dubai! There is also a Dunes Café that includes all-day dining with many different dishes. The very lovely restaurant is Oni, specializing in Western cuisine with lovely purple accents, a slick design, and a marble bar. You would be remiss in returning to Dubai rather than remain (or take in the opinions) in Shangri-La.


The actions are endless for families, couples, and solo travelers. Whether you are after adventure, buying, luxury, or simply need an enjoyable destination, you cannot fail with Dubai.

Massive buildings which pierced the skies and many others that seemed to spin upwards length the horizon. The shimmering lights of this city at nighttime change Dubai into what seems like an outdoor theme park.


The world’s tallest building stands in 829.8 meters (2,722 ft ) and which makes you feel like an ant at its own shadow. It is possible to go until the 124th floor to get a bird’s eye perspective (tickets are approximately $35). A high-speed elevator whisks you into the top where you will find an observation deck and a picture describing the building’s structure. I suggest purchasing your Burj Khalifa” In the Top” ticket beforehand to prevent the lines.

Burj Khalifa Dubai

                                                                      Burj Khalifa Dubai

The best opinion of this construction itself is in the Dubai Mall in a fountain series, and you’ll be able to see the light display as the construction glitters in the skies. Or, in the Shangri-La, where you are able to perch right alongside the construction along with another skyscraper.

Tour: Burj Khalifa Dubai

It took 22 million man-hours to build by 12,000 employees. The entire cost to construct was 4.1 billion bucks. Not only can it be the tallest construction; however, the 153rd flooring is also the world’s highest occupied floor. The 148th flooring is the world’s highest observation deck, the more 122nd-floor houses the world’s premier restaurant, and needless to say, and it retains the world’s biggest lift.


A must-visit location in Dubai, the Dubai Mall encircles multilevel stores, pricey designer powerhouses in their “Fashion Avenue,” and gorgeous art installations. You will also find the renowned Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, using 140 distinct species of marine life, which will be well worth it if you’ve got enough time. You will still find an ice skating rink and a Virtual Reality indoor theme park, along with myriad stores. Walking outdoors, you are going to see the amazing fountains which flank the Burj Khalifa.

Naturally, this really is actually the world’s tallest acting fountain, and it is modeled after the Bellagio fountains in Las Vegas. It is amazing to see that the water jet to the skies. It’s simple to see the fountains in the bridges and surrounding park; there is no need to cover extra to sit down at the floating island to get a view. I suggest coming back through the night to walk about and see the fountain and light show once it is dim for the best experience.

Do not forget to have a look at some other amazing displays from the mall, like the Individual Waterfalls. The cascade of falling water, coupled with silver figurines of guys diving is such a calm scene. Aside from Wyoming, the USA, that is a nearly perfectly complete dinosaur.


Dhow cruise creek

                                                               Dhow cruise creek

Here, you will find ships lined up along the pier with tourists and sailors packed with each. It is just 1 Dirham (approximately 27 cents?) To select the ship (called an abra) around and visit the genuine Old Dubai. Tightly packed roads are filled to the brim with stores, the famous Gold Souk, Spice Souk, and sellers selling cheap and tasty fried meals. I propose drifting this place and stepping right into a golden store or searching to get a fantastic deal on jewelry or shoes. Dubai is divided into two parts from Dubai Creek: Bur Dubai from the southeast and Deira from the North. Deira is where you will find the older lifestyle in Dubai, a stark contrast in the glam of Dubai today. If you’re searching for cheap shopping and a fantastic cultural experience, look no farther than Deira Souks. Do not miss this.

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This seems more like a theme park compared to genuinely “Old Dubai.” However, you can find a sense of how the city used to seem. The Bastakia District, also referred to as the Al-Fahidi area, was constructed from the late 19th century as the home of wealthy Mexican retailers who came to Dubai due to the tax-free gambling and accessibility to Dubai Creek to exchange with pearls and fabrics. You’ll find that the Majilis Gallery to get a group of traditional Arab furniture and ceramics, housed at a wind-tower, which was used as air conditioning.


If you would like to know this powerhouse city came into life, take a look at the Dubai Museum, situated in Al-Fahidi Fort, which was constructed in 1787 to shield Dubai Creek. You will find more information regarding the way in which the oil boom helped ease the prosperity of the city and its prognosis in the long run.


One hundred fifty million blossoms in town? It is potential in Dubai. I saw the backyard on Instagram using the heart-shaped flower architecture and believed it’d be somewhat cheesy. However, this backyard is a great respite in the glitzy buildings. You can also find clocks, butterflies, butterflies, Disney Characters, homes, as well as an Emirates airplane covered in blossoms. Purchase tickets at the front entry. Take note; the playground is frequently closed in the summertime for recovery and due to the warmth.

Book Your Tour: Dubai City Tour

Nearby, there is a Butterfly Garden, which has about 15,000 butterflies.


International Village is a theme park centered on several cities, states, and areas of the world. There is shopping during entertainment and meals. You’ll see each area provides typical merchandise in their own culture. But a few of the offerings were fairly cheesy. Walk around and find what seems best to you personally. We were amazed by the Bosnian zone with individuals from Bosnia promoting handicrafts and tasty food.

Global Village Dubai

                                                          Global Village Dubai

Notice: Open from October 30th-April 6th from 4 pm to 12 am. Mondays are devoted to households and women only. 


Produced as a sail, it moves on a manmade staircase. Obviously, when you do not really have the funds to get a space, you’ll have drinks at 200 feet upward.

This top sight in Dubai is a good place to walk through the shore and catch the sunset.


Among the best places to find a view of this shining skyscrapers, catch a bite to eat, and do a little shopping. Considered to have the world’s biggest manmade marina from the world, you’ve got immense views of ships, Bentleys, and buildings.


You cannot visit Dubai rather than do a little shopping. Mall of the Emirates is among the best places to see in Dubai as it is manageable to stroll around, find eateries from all over the world, and also do a little ski! It’s true; you are able to ski inside in Dubai. Dubai Ski presents a yearlong ski and a penguin enclosure.

If you are not really finished shopping, you may also check out Ibn Battuta Mall, which is the most significant theme based mall in the world.

You may be asking yourself, like me, why there are a lot of shopping malls. However, because Dubai gets really hot in the summertime, it is crucial to take a few of the actives inside. I am able to appreciate Dubai’s creativity to bring all sorts of actions, even when you’re in town.


As we flew into Dubai, we looked down to see the most manmade islands of Dubai shaped like Palm Trees. It’s still being constructed, but the first, Palm Jumeirah, is filled with hotels, restaurants, and houses – all with beachfront views. Regrettably, you cannot push the”fronds” (roads) to find a peek at the homes as all are personal. However, you can venture over to the Atlantis Resort. This decadent hotel has a water park (such as a nine-story waterslide- the world’s biggest!) Shopping and restaurants. I don’t suggest staying here since it is so tough to push in and from the tree island- there’s literally just one way out and in via a subterranean tunnel.


Once I watched the glittering golden framework, as tall as a building, I believed it was only an explanation for Instagram pictures. However, we chose to have a look. In my astonishment, it is possible to go up and inside to receive a fantastic view of the city and find out a whole lot about new and old Dubai. Situated between new and old, it provides you a perspective into the way to the city began and scenic views of new and old Dubai. Check out Dubai Frame tickets or buy them at the front entry.


Kite shore, aka Jumeirah Beach, is a heart for kite surfers and also a fantastic place to find a range of water sports. You may also learn how to kitesurf! You will also find a perfect place to put on the shore and soak up sunlight. There is also an outdoor movie theatre, lots of restaurants, and boardwalks for one to stroll.

The neighborhood you’ll find Zero Gravity, which delivers an enjoyable, late-night spin on “brunch.” For about $50, you are able to graze on unlimited meals and beverages with a fantastic view of Dubai’s epic skyline. Drinks can be quite expensive, therefore using an all-you-can-drink feast is a terrific budget-friendly alternative.


There are not many mosques non-Muslims may see, but daily at 10 am, it is possible to have a tour of the beautiful mosque. The mosque is a specific replica of Cairo’s Al-Azhar Mosque, but eight times its own size. Jumeirah Mosque is the biggest in UAE and also a fantastic example of Islamic architecture with towering minarets.


Desert Safari Dubai

                                                                  Desert Safari Dubai

There are lots of alternatives for a desert trek in Dubai. You are able to push the dunes, have a Camel ride Dubai, sandboard, or only see the sunset over the mesmerizing dunes. Escape the hustle of the city and find calmness and calmness in town. Anticipate a half-day to make the trek and to receive the entire experience.

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Proceed to a late-night dinner, then head out to nightclubs later, and remain until the wee hours of the afternoon together with all the shimmering lights of the city. There are tons of alternatives for finding parties and events. Most resorts have a bar where you could purchase alcoholic beverages, as the restaurants out of resorts aren’t allowed to serve alcohol. A fantastic area to go outside is Barasti, full of ex-pats, in addition to locals. This multilevel club features a massive dance floor with all the shore at the base.


Abu Dhabi City Tour

                                                              Abu Dhabi City Tour

Abu Dhabi is just about one hour and 15 minutes’ drive from Dubai, and that I believe that you’re going to be kicking yourself if you do not go to this Emirate. The beautiful Grand Mosque is completely breathtaking and worthwhile if you only pick the day. Obviously, it is possible to stay for a couple of days here in the Shangri-La Abu Dhabi as I did! If you are just here for a brief while, have a look at this one-way trip to Abu Dhabi from Dubai.

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Should you require a stop along the road from Dubai to Abu Dhabi, attempt “Last Exit” to get Mad Max tasting meals trucks?

Dubai feels like another world. A city at the forefront of contemporary invention, still looking straight back in historical customs. It is well worth it to stop by Dubai at least one time in your lifetime!



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