Explore the Beauty of Dubai City Tour

half day dubai city tour

Explore the Beauty of Dubai City Tour

There are few places in this exceptional city which are class apart. If you want to make sure that you see the perfect places of Dubai in just a day than half day Dubai City tour  is an option for you. It is a wonderful package and in this package you get to see the best places of the exceptional Dubai in the best way possible.

Not every place has the potential to give you a nice time. Some places are so bright and some places are just so dull. On the other hand, Dubai is a fine place. It is a fine place because it has all the requirements of giving you a wonderful time. If you are thinking constantly where should you go for your next vacation then it is high time that you consider the wonderful Dubai.

Dubai is the city of lights, it has wonderful skyscrapers, tall buildings, exceptional gardens and mighty deserts. This place has everything you can desire to be on. Before you plan your visit to this city, it is imperative for you to know what should be the best tour management team to help you with your vacation. We at best Dubai trips can be a wonderful asset for your trip because we have nice packages. All the people who want to make sure that they get to see the essence of Dubai in a day need to get in touch with us.

What is included in half day Dubai City tour ?

Dubai City tour  is a wonderful package and in this package one get to see the best places of UAE in a short span of time. Now we are going to tell you why should you go for half day Dubai City tour. You will see that this package is very convenient and having this package means that you will be having a fun time while visiting the prominent places of this wonderful city.

Pick Up

We have two packages available for pickup. When a customer go for a standard package then he will have to a location. On the other hand, if the customer decides that he would go with premium package than our trained drivers will pick up the customer from his place be it Hotel, Apartment or any other place.

Jumeirah Beach

If you are availing this wonderful package in summer then a wonderful time is waiting you ahead. First and foremost we will be heading to Jumeirah Beach. It is an exceptional place and many fun activities will be lined up for you in this beach. You can go for swimming, you can go for boat ride and many other activities. Plus you will be able to click beautiful selfies on Jumeirah Beach. There is a chance that you will completely forget about United States of America and the United Kingdom once you get here and get the taste of these amazing beaches.

Jumeirah Mosque

Even if you are not a Muslim but at the same time you would like to see the Jumeirah Mosque then that option is definitely available. After visiting the wonderful Jumeirah Beach, we will head to Jumeirah Mosque. For all those people who want to see how Mughal architecture looks like should definitely head here. It is a wonderful place and its architecture is simply to die for.

Drive along Sheikh Zayed Road

Everyone is aware that Dubai is very famous because of its skyscrapers. In our half day City tour Dubai, we will make sure that you get to see the skyscrapers from close. Right after visiting the Jumeirah beach and Jumeirah Mosque, we will be driving along the Sheikh Zayed Road. This way you will have a chance to look at the skyscrapers from close. Dubai has world’s tallest buildings and you will have a chance to make selfies in front of them.

Dubai Mall

There is not a single person on earth who would like to miss on Dubai mall. Shopping is an integral part of every vacation. Without shopping it is not possible to feel good at the end of our vacation. We make sure that we go to Dubai mall. In the mall you will have plenty of options to rejoice yourself with exceptional food, exceptional drinks and Cinemas. Due to the shortage of time we may not be able to watch a movie in the mall but we will have a chance to eat from our favorite cafes. In the Dubai Mall you will have a chance to taste the Arabian delights and you are going to feel amazingly good about that.

Drop off!

We are the best travel agency of Dubai and we will not leave you anywhere at the end of your tour. Once our tour ends then we make sure that we drop you off either to your location or to your residence. It is again up to the package you choose for your vacation or journey.

How to book ?

It is so very simple to book for our half day Dubai City tour. You can get to call us or you can simply fill a from our website. We will be giving you a call back after receiving your information.

Why Best Dubai Trip?

Best Dubai trip is not only accommodating it is also very economical. We have a record of arranging amazing journeys for our valued customers. We can do the same for you. Just give us a call and select the tour. After the confirmation we will be giving you the pleasant time of your life.

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