Morning Desert Safari in Dubai with Ultimate Camel Rides Experience

Morning Desert Safari in Dubai with Ultimate Camel Rides Experience

Dubai, the city of wonders, is often looked upon as an urban part of the country, but in reality, it is much more than that. Experiencing the ultimate adventure of camel ride changes your perspective about Dubai. You’ll start to see that there is a whole different side of Dubai that you never knew existed.

Camels can survive for a very long time without any food and water; this makes them the perfect animal for covering the long miles of desert. Camels have always held high importance in the lives of Arabs owing to their extraordinary capabilities of traveling far stretched miles of the desert. These animals were used for the mode of transportation back in the old days.

The authentic Bedouin culture of Arabs is what comes to your mind when you’re on the back of the camel enjoying your safari ride. Witness the vastness of the Arabian desert as you have to travel through the depths of the desert.

If you’re wondering why Camel rides in Dubai are so unique, let us clear that the tour of desert safari is incomplete without a camel ride. Yes, it’s debatable that dune bashing is a thrilling adventure, but camel ride has its taste. This journey on the back of a camel is incomparable.

Are Camel Rides in Dubai Safe for Kids?

Yes, camel ride is not only for adults. It can be enjoyed by the kids of the family as well. The kids are going to be fascinated with the idea of hanging high in the air and will cherish the look of the desert. It is often thought that the land of the desert is barren, but you may be lucky enough to see Arabian gazelle species.

You can feel how the Arabs used to travel in the high dunes of the Arabian desert. Apart from the adventure of camel ride, you are going to be served traditional dishes in the campsite, which will contain both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food items. A performance of belly dancers along with Tanura entertainment, also awaits you.

What If You’re A Beginner?

Even if you’re a beginner, you don’t have to worry about riding a camel. The safari tour guides are going to be there through the entire ride so that you have a carefree and joyful journey. Before climbing on the back of the camel, you’re going to be briefed about ‘what to do’ and ‘what not to do’ during your camel ride.

All you have to do while riding a camel is to enjoy the adventure and the view that comes along with it.

At the end of it all, you’re going to head back to the campsite, which will be decorated in the traditional Bedouin style. The entertainment you find here is top-notch such as the henna painting sessions, hookah, Arabic feast, and much more. The belly dance performers amaze you when they keep up with a high pace of Arabic live music.

Camel ride in Dubai is a must if you’re planning a trip to the desert.