Places that can make your Tour of Dubai a memorable Experience

Places that can make your Tour of Dubai a memorable Experience

Things to do in Dubai

When one of us thinks about a tour, the first name that comes to mind is Dubai because Dubai is the homeland of exciting places, magnificent landscapes, skyscrapers and many other places of attraction. Thousands of tourists come to Dubai every year to have a great time with their friends and family. There are so many things to do in Dubai,

you will find the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa. This building is full of shopping malls, hotels and many other places where you can spend a few hours.

There is a delicate balance between the old and the new in Dubai, which translates into a plethora of things to do. You can spend the morning lounging along Jumeriah Beach and the afternoon shredding at Ski Dubai. Or you can start your day haggling in the traditional Gouldian and spice souks before visiting the Dubai Mall.

But the first thing that comes first knows the city. Head straight to the top of the Burj Khalifa, where you’ll find incredible views spanning the Arabian Gulf.

Burj Khalifa Dubai

The Burj Khalifa is the tallest building on the planet, measuring 828 meters tall with over 160 floors in a tiered design that tapers as it soars, like a syringe, into the sky. The design follows the pattern of repeating a single geometric shape, intended to echo Islamic art.

Giving new meaning to the term skyscraper, the building is part of the huge complex of offices, hotels, shopping malls, entertainment venues and apartment buildings in downtown Dubai.

With an entrance ticket to the Burj Khalifa top, travellers can take the high-speed elevator to the 124th floor of the At the Top Observation Deck for breathtaking 360-degree views of Dubai and the Arabian Gulf.

It’s also possible to get to the exclusive 125th floor, then climb further up to the 148th floor on the Top SKY platform watching a multimedia presentation along the way, then taking in the view through the glass walls from floor to floor Platform ceiling.

If you’d rather not be that high, take a stroll through the gardens and fountains of Burj Khalifa Park, the Burj Khalifa Hotel, or shop until you drop off at the Dubai Mall, located inside of the building. Along with a variety of stores such as Galleries Lafayette, Bloomingdale’s, and Marks & Spencer, the mall includes an aquarium, ice rink, Sega theme park, and movie theatre.

Dubai Heritage Tour

Discover the traditional way of life of the emirate at the Dubai Heritage Village. Founded in 1997, the attraction retains a sense of old Dubai through life-size reconstructions of stone buildings and tents in a traditional village. A variety of demonstrations and exhibits introduce you to many aspects of the region’s cultural heritage.

Learn about the ancient farming methods used by locals, traditional medical practices, and techniques used to make handicrafts, such as pots, jewellery, and whistles. Shop for interesting souvenirs at local stores that sell pottery, candy, and other traditional items.

Before the skyscrapers spread to the horizon, Dubai was made up of fishing villages and Bedouin communities populated by potters, weavers and pearl seekers. When you’re ready for a break from the modern world, step back in time by visiting the Heritage and Diving Village, located in Shindagha, on the Bur Dubai side of historic Dubai Creek.

This reconstructed village features distinctive palm and mud houses and Barasti huts where you can watch potters and jewellers practice their craft and sample the local cuisine.

This reconstructed village features distinctive palm and mud houses and Barasti huts where potters and jewellers can be seen practising their craft. You can also learn the history of Dubai Heritage Village from the locals which is very interesting. Discover the souk that sells Bedouin crafts, visit a traditional cafe, or pose with a hawk.

Half-Day Dubai City Tour

Explore Dubai on a half-day tour Dubai City Tour of the famous cosmopolitan city. Wait in a comfortable air-conditioned car that will take you to the most famous place in the city such as the Burj Al Arab hotel, Palm Island and Dubai Creek, marvel at what Dubai has to offer, especially the magnificent interiors and the extensive collection of bookstores. of the Blue Mosque.

Don’t miss the famous Dubai stage, considered the largest in the world. Take a panoramic look at contemporary old Dubai. At the end of the tour, cross Dubai Creek in an Abra water taxi. This ancient way of sweating will take you to a traditional souk where you can browse and buy golf and spices to take home.

If you want to enjoy your stay at Dubai in a short period of time,

Then the best Dubai city sightseeing half-day package. We assure you that these moments will become the best moments of your life. You can also enjoy this wonderful tour with your friends and family.

Stroll through the Al Fahidi Historical District, stop by Al Khayma House, and observe well-preserved Emirati traditions and customs. Later, you will enjoy a traditional Abra taxi ride through Dubai Creek after observing the historical part of the city.

On the other side, the colourful gold and spice souk await us to thrill ourselves with shopping opportunities and sandwiches.

Hot air balloon ride over Dubai

This is the most exciting part of your whole hot air balloon experience. Your expert pilots will smoothly bring the ball to life, giving you the thrilling sensation of moving away from Earth. You will fly high and float above the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve.

It is truly magical! Soak up the silence and serenity as you take in the breathtaking views of Hajjar Mountain and the stunning folds of golden sand that stretch for miles and miles.

We also offer you the ultimate vantage point to enjoy the mesmerizing views of the sunrise from the height of meters. Yes, you will have the unique opportunity to see up close as the sun gradually rises over the desert and illuminates the mountains and desert landscape of the region.

Falconry has been one of the area’s most reserved sporting activities since ancient times, and this hot air balloon ride experience allows you to admire this traditional activity from a whole new perspective. After all, this is the first show of its kind where a trained hawk will soar high and return to its starting point, displaying its unmatched agility, grace and speed in the middle.

As you float peacefully with the air, don’t miss the gawk in the splendid desert landscape below. You will be able to see its native inhabitants, including camels, Arabian onyxes and Gazelles, all roaming their natural and safe habitat.

You can also get a chance to enjoy a beautiful evening in a Hot Air balloon where you enjoy the wonderful to watch the sunset from a hot air balloon ride in Dubai. We assure you that this trip gives so many wonderful memories that are never forgettable.