Visit Quranic Park Dubai Islamic Park

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Visit Quranic Park Dubai Islamic Park

Spread across a place of 60 hectares, Quranic Park is just one of Dubai’s new attractions. Though Dubai is interchangeable with glamor and glitz, you’ll discover that Islamic civilization has its origins deep in the society. And also, this Islamic-based park is the first of its type in the area; it offers a wonderful insight into Islam’s high venerated spiritual text, Holy Quran, but also enables you to acquire an in-depth view of the Islamic culture, heritage, and traditions.

Explore its tranquil gardens, have a peek at several plants which were discovered mentioned in the Holy Quran, and measure in the Cave of Miracles, which shows extraordinary events connected with seven prophets of Islam. The entrance of the park is Free of cost for everybody, and there are many different surprises for everybody. According to the Dubai municipality, the park brought over 1, 00,000 visitors from the first week after launching. The green area of this park is a hidden jewel in the emirate. Want to understand more about this immersive park? This comprehensive guide covers everything out of its own important appeals to its own opening hours, availability, and place.


Know Before You Go Quranic Park Dubai


Best Time to Visit

It’s better to visit Quranic Park during weekdays as on weekends; the audience is more. Be ready for long queues on weekends.


Situated at Khawaneej area near Mushrif Park


How to Attain Quranic Park

  • Access the park through Al Khawaneej Road (D89) if you’re traveling by automobile. In the roundabout, you are able to depart onto Sheikh Zayd Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan Street (D54).
  • The closest Dubai Metro Hub Station into Quranic Park is Rashidiya Station.
  • You are able to utilize RTA buses 11A and 11B that prevent near Quranic Park.


Attractions inside the Quranic Park

The very first thing you see as you enter the park is really a stunning and striking layout. It’s thought to have price AED 200 million to create this park. This park was created, keeping in the mind-boggling dialog between visitors and occupants.


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This park can be designed to boost the green area from the emirate and diversity in the region.

Miracles Cave

With the support of the state of the art technologies, the spectacular artificial cave makes it possible to understand the many different miracles cited in the sacred book of the Quran. In the miracles of Prophet Uzair (PBUH) coming alive t the wonder of Prophet Musa/Moses (PBUH) and the rest of the ocean, expect to see miracles splendidly with the aid of cutting edge technologies. Even when you’re oblivious of the citings of this Quran, the awesome video clips assist you not just educated yourself with all the scripture but also assists you in directing your way through the cave. Even though the audiovisual is presently just in Arabic, there are plans to present the English edition of the sound clippings shortly for its visitors.


12 Islamic Gardens Beautiful Walkway:

If you are astounded by the cave of miracles, wait until you come out and visit the twelve Islamic gardens spread throughout the park to get you with colorful flower beds and lush green lawns. It’s the best place to come together with your loved ones and revel in a relaxed day outside. You will find fountains, waterbeds, water rocks, paths, and much more.


Different plants said in the Holy Quran are implanted inside the park. Whether you would like to bolster your belief in Islam or you wish to understand more about the faith, you need to visit this park.


Glass House

The wonderful glasshouse can be found at the bottom of this park, and as its name implies, it’s made entirely from glass. And of course, it’s breathtakingly beautiful. A favorite hangout place for botany fans, the glasshouse includes 29 plants and trees, which are cited in the Holy Quran as sacred. These include olive trees, barley, pomegranates, basil, banana, wheat, and much more. You will find plaques for every one of those trees and plants that cite the title and also the advantages of the plants and trees.


Do not forget to see some wonderful pics behind the gorgeous background of the glasshouse. There are a few restrooms and space for people to beg. And while drifting around, if you’re hungry, it is possible to discover a little food cart away from the Glass House that sells snacks and drinks.


The Walkway

If you leave the cave and then walk to the remainder of the park, two manmade lakes possess a walkway between them. The walkway produces an ideal place to see some wonderful pics to get Instagram. There are a couple of fountains at the lake also that produces a fantastic spot to hang out in the event that you do not mind getting wet.



Traveling Strategies for Quranic Park Visitors

  • For Your Miracle Cave and Glass House, the cost of AED 5 will be your entry fee. Visitors can utilize the RTA NOL card, which may be flashed inside the park.
  • For kids aged two to 12, you will find two big play areas inside the park.
  • At strategic points inside the park, you’ll discover food carts promoting coconut water, fresh juices, rolls, hamburgers, and other tiny snacks.
  • The park includes a running trail and biking track. Telephone charging channels and Wifi can be found inside the park.
  • Weekends are incredibly cramped.
  • To find out more about the park’s amenities and plants, download the Quranic Park Smart Guide program.


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