Your Definitive Guide to Finding the Best Desert Safari Dubai

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Your Definitive Guide to Finding the Best Desert Safari Dubai

Best Morning Desert Safari in Dubai is the one tour that is packed with fun-filled adventures and doesn’t hurt your pockets as well. This means that even in a city like Dubai, you don’t need to pay a hefty amount of money to enjoy.

Apart from the adventures, several desert activities are going to feel like you have entered a completely different world. Desert activities like sandboarding, dune bashing, buggy riding, and camel riding are some of the extraordinary adventures that will bound to make you fall in love with a desert safari.

Morning Desert Safari

Typical morning desert safari starts with the sun yet to rise above the horizon ultimately. As you head to the campsite, you are prepared to see the new rays of sun hitting the boundaries of the desert. The sand of the desert is still cold from the previous night.

People often mistake that morning desert safari is hotter than evening desert safaris when, in reality, it is the opposite. Contrary to their belief, the newly born rays of the sun are not warm enough to heat the sand.

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There are many outdoor desert activities that you can enjoy in your morning desert safari. Some of them are down below:

Dune Bashing

Dune bashing is a thoroughly enjoyable roller-coaster ride that lets you enjoy the high dunes of the desert. In the session of dune bashing, the 4X4 SUV filled with six members who accompany you on this tour. The safari licensed driver accelerates the vehicle and goes on smashing the dunes.

Most tour operators find this activity harmful to the fragile ecosystem. This is why you will see those tour operators offering dune driving instead of dune bashing. But remember, always book your dune bashing session with a reliable tour operator. Because only they can provide you this experience in a safe manner.

Camel Riding

Camels have been a big part of Arab lives for a long time. It is due to their amazing ability to survive without water and food for months. This was also the reason why they were used as a means of transport back in the old days.

Now, these camels used as a source of entertainment for the tourists. The feeling of riding a camel fascinates the people who travel to this part of the world.

Wildlife Safari

Apart from the adventures that you usually get to experience in the Arabian deserts, there is an adventure that will take you desert safari experience to the next level. Wildlife safari is a fantastic journey where you see the unique species of animals such as Arabian Oryxes and the Gazelles galloping in their natural habitat.

Desert safari packages designed to give you a top-notch experience in the high dunes of the Arabian desert. Indulge yourself in the lavish entertainment that exhibits Arabic culture. To end this spectacular journey, you can also enjoy the belly dance performances, as the dancers up their tempo according to the pace of the live Arabic music.